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Acting News!

Very proud of a new original character that I debuted at a Talent Showcase for the Peoples Improv Theater earlier this month.

While February has been a busy month of shows, auditions and teaching - I'm extra excited for several *new projects* coming soon!

Bakery News!

February gets a bad rep for the weather - but it's amazing for food! Between the Super Bowl with our new Jalapeno Popper Kolache, Valentines Day with our extra popular Chocolate Strawberry Kolache & collaborating with the Meat Hook for our new Boudin Sausage Kolache for Mardi Gras, we've been extra slammed at Kings Kolache this month.

We also led two pop-up events serving Kolaches, Chips & Queso & Frito Pies at our favorite brewery, KCBC (pictured).

Looking forward to another pop-up there next month!

Comedy News!

Gearing up for March and the spring, I've joined a new comedy writer's group and a fun new "Experimental Bar Prov" team performing at Young Ethel's Bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn monthly.

I'm also teaching an upcoming Level Three Improv Class.


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